Are Sins Just a Credit System??

In the Qur’an, there are plenty of clear guidance or rule on specific things. If we break them, then we’ll have specific punishments. But then, almost always after the punishments are mentioned, the Qur’an says that Allah is most forgiving. […]

Islamic vs Christian Concepts of Sin Part 3

These types of conversations require the utmost respect and I sincerely appreciate your comments. Making straw man arguments are fruitless. I’d much rather be having a substantive conversation like this. You made some interesting statements in your last response and […]

Now on Kindle Unlimited

You can now find all my books on Kindle unlimited and read them for free with your subscription! I’ve been thinking about making my books exclusive to Amazon for some time now, since 90% of my sales are through Amazon […]

Islamic vs Christian Concepts of Sin Part 2

As I try to better understand Islam and the differences between your faith and my own faith of Christianity I’ve found that the concept of sin and God’s justice are quite possibly the biggest points of divergence. It seems that […]

Islamic vs Christian Concepts of Sin

Thank you for your quick response. I have some follow up questions. You said that God does not expect us to be perfect. Is that in the Qur’an? Would it be a fair summary of your response to say that […]

My Future Business Show

Being a published author is not easy. After all the writing and editing and cover designing is done, you then have to showcase your book so people can discover and benefit from it. Authors have to be entrepreneurs, and this […]