What Would A Muslim Say:

Conversations, Questions, and Answers About Islam


Reading Aslan Armstrong and Campbell

What are your thoughts on religious scholars or philosophers like Karen Armstrong who approach Islam from the historical and cultural point of view, or Alain de Botton who said that all religion are man-made? To illustrate some examples, Karen Armstrong argues that when the Prophet (PBUH) commanded Muslims to switch from praying towards Jerusalem to […]

Does Religion Make People Moral?

I wanted to share with you some great ideas written by one of my favorite authors, Mustafa Akyol: ‘Religion can work in two fundamentally different ways: It can be a source of self-education, or it can be a source of self-glorification. Self-education can make people more moral, while self-glorification can make them considerably less moral.’ […]

Muslims and Meditation

This is an interesting question I received from one of my students a few years ago. I am sharing this with you because I felt you may find it beneficial and thoughtful. . . “Do you have any books to recommend? I’ve been reading through Muhammad: A Prophet for our Time by Karen Armstrong. Also, […]

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