What Would A Muslim Say:

Conversations, Questions, and Answers About Islam


What Causes Muslims to Doubt Islam?

I stumbled across this info-graphic and wanted to share it with you. . . What are some of the paths that lead toward doubt for American Muslims? Based on the inaugural project of  Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research exploring the dynamics of doubt in the American Muslim community, this info-graphic provides an elaboration of some […]

Muslims and Mental-Spiritual Health

Spirituality and religion are key strengths in personal well-being. This holistic paradigm brings into balance all aspects of the human experience, addressing those maladies and character flaws which would otherwise be considered out-of-scope for contemporary clinical psychotherapy. The goals of this approach are not only to provide hope and relief to the care-seeker, but also […]

Sexuality is a Social Construct

Consider a Muslim who has same-sex attraction and comes to their imam or youth leader or mentor on how to deal with this issue. How would you advise the care-giver to help him or her provide effective and compassionate counseling and pastoral care? Islamic Seminary professor This example brings with it a host of complications, […]

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