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Muslims Making Music – “Be Yourself”

This fourth and final post of Muslims Making Music features Humood al-Khidr, a Kuwaiti artist with a positive message. This video below single-handedly turned my daughter’s life around. It is tough enough being a Muslim in America; add to that being a young girl in America, with all the drama and “complications” that this comes with. Like […]

Muslims Making Music – Hip Hop

This second post of Muslims Making Music features Native Deen, a Hip Hop group that was very influential to me during my college days. While this group has been retired for several years, and I know the video style is a bit dated, this was the group that started me on the path of social activism and […]

Muslims Making Music – Spiritual Uplift

Music and Islam have a complicated relationship. Even though religious chanting is allowed–even encouraged–in Islam, there is an ongoing debate whether other music is permitted. Some Muslim communities ban non-chanting music all together, while others allow it as long as it doesn’t contain messages that go against the teachings of Islam (sex, drugs, and alcohol […]

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