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Be A Good Neighbor

2 thoughts on “Be A Good Neighbor

  1. First at all, I was so disappointment that you not advertise your sermons. Even with my work schedule I will probably come to listen you especially on such important topic. I believe so many people feel same. Do you have website with your schedule? You can add something to this one. I remember when I was in Christ the King church in Cambridge we call representatives from the Mosque on Prospect, and if I not mistaken you been there too. This is very important topic now; you can see how many misunderstandings between Christian and Muslims.
    Not long ago I read interesting interview of Ismail Shangareev. He is Russian public figure, working in Dubai, President of some companies there. He did research on Leo Tolstoy (Great Russian writer: War and Peace, Anna Karenina…) and Islam. It can be good illustration for your sermon on neighborhoods. Article: “Tolstoy and Kazan: how the writer was carried away by Islam and was excommunicated by Orthodox Church?” This article is in Russian, showing support to him from Muslim community in city of Kazan.
    I can put some verses from work of Tolstoy in English regarding Islam Law. Now we have a lot of researches on Tolstoy and Islam on Internet. Just Google. I think this is great illustration to your sermon: “Be A Good Neighbor”. Be blessed!
    “The law of the Qur’an will prevail in the world because it agrees with reason and wisdom. I have come to understand that humanity needs only a Divine law to establish the truth and destroy falsehood. Islamic law will encompass the entire world because it is consistent with reason and agrees with wisdom and justice.” Leo Tolstoy

    1. My friend, Sergey! Please forgive me for not advertising that sermon. I am not used to being “popular.” As you see, I did advertise my Interfaith Conference and the video was posted. Rest assured, from now on, I will send out a notice one week in advance if I have any other speaking or sermon engagement 🙂

      Looking forward to seeing you at my next sermon at ISB Cambridge on April 7, God-willing!

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