My Favorite Philosophy Books

As promised, here is the second in a series of book recommendations about various Islamic and ecumenical topics.

Today, I will share with you my favorite Islamic Philosophy books.

First, we have the book that started my journey into the history of Islam and Islamic law interpretation. Professor Khaled really opened my eyes on how what I thought were cut-and-dry issues really have rich nuances. This book is a thoughtful eye-opener.
Then, we have Dr. Sherman Jackson, a well-known Muslim scholar at the University of California. This book is a translation of Imam Al-Ghazali’s “Theological Tolerance.” Al-Ghazali clarifies the Islamic philosophy behind salvation, refuting the idea of Muslim-exclusivity. Very relevant in this day and age.
Finally, we have this tour-de-force! Gai Eaton revives the spiritual aspect of Islamic teachings, something that is sorely missing in the world today. Whereas most discussions and books talk about the political or the legalistic religious aspect of Islam, Eaton dives into the meanings and implications behind those teachings. I learned so many new things, both facts as well as paradigms and metaphors which I am sure to use in my own discussion classes! Strongly recommended.

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