What Would A Muslim Say:

Conversations, Questions, and Answers About Islam

What Would a Muslim Say?

What Would a Muslim Say?

There are many books that teach Islam, preach it, criticize it, or academically explain it. The focus of this book is different. This book is a compilation of actual conversation transcripts, showcasing everyday people asking real questions and getting real answers about Islam.

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About the Book

What Would a Muslim Say is a series of books documenting my experiences as an interfaith volunteer. Ever since 2009, I have facilitated dialogue with many different people, answering questions about Islam and addressing misconceptions. This is the first book in the series. My hope is that this can be a small step towards better understanding and harmony.

The conversations in these books are real. Some are curious, some are concerned, some are hostile, some are academic, and some are soul-searching. The purpose of this book is to share these kinds of conversations with people who might otherwise not have the opportunity to speak to a Muslim about Islam.

These are timely books. There are many questions, fears, and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. These books can answer questions, build bridges, and promote understanding.

What Would a Muslim Say?
"I think people afraid of Muslims because they didn't know them. They not understand them, especially now when so many terrible labels put on them. To find out more about Muslims, I attended Islam 101 course in Cambridge mosque. My teacher was Ahmed Rashed. We spend with him a lot of time to go through the Qur'an. After that, I started to understand Muslims much better. Now Ahmed wrote a book, What Would a Muslim Say: Conversations, Questions, and Answers About Islam. I think conversations with populations that do not know Muslims are very important: it will open their eyes."
– Sergey Shyndriay, Former Islam 101 Student
“Basically a book in a question-and-answer format with the theme of “With dialogue comes understanding.” The author, as a member of a website that strives to promote a better understanding of Islam, answers e-mails ranging from the mildly curious to the outright hostile with logical, precise prose and a bit of informality. There is no hint of a preaching tone. He provides a basic description of Islam and how it compares to Judaism and Christianity and gets into details regarding mainstream Islam’s view of the world and how it contrasts with the actions of several of its adherents today. I learned a lot from this book and look forward to any future editions where I hope the author delves into more of the history and culture of Islam. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand more of the fastest growing religion in the world.”
– Steve Stuart, Advance-Release-Copy Reviewer
"Reading "What Would a Muslim Say?" felt like taking a journey in the minds and hearts of people and what they feel and think about Islam and Muslims. The questions are honest and reflect the thirst that people have to understand and explore what Islam is about. Ahmed Rashed remained focused in his answers even when it got really tough or emotional. He kept the answers balanced as they were also honest and spoke to the level of the person asking the questions with no judgement and with extreme patience, representing what Islam stands for and what good Muslims are like. A great and diverse read that you would surely enjoy."
– Hoda Elsharkawi, Muslim Chaplain, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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